Design Office Interiors

Furniture Design, Interior Architecture, Installation


1. Design Office Desk System.


2. Library Shelving.

We considered the Design Office’s interiors holistically. The 12 desks, wall shelving, and a large meeting tables have interlocking and complimentary functions in the space. A uniform palette of maple plywood ties the furniture suite together aesthetically.


3. Large Meeting Table.

We built 12 desks, arranged into 4 modules. These modules provide an alternative to the typical cubicle setup. They provide an clear field of view, and visual privacy, while maintaining a communal and collaborative office atmosphere.


An appropriately-sized opening.


Off-the-shelf legs compliment the otherwise custom fabrication.

We wanted the desk’s joinery and craft to be expressive. The desk’s scarf joint acts as a visual anchor for the desk and a graphic expression of the structure.


Shelving, built from left-over desk material, supports the membership’s extensive library.


The big table provides an communal area for meetings, events, and production work.

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