Work-Shop is an interdisciplinary
design studio comprised of designers, makers, thinkers, and creative technologists.

Our process is at the core of our work.


We investigate each problem and research solutions,
foundational ideas, and concepts with our clients.


From that research, we create holistic designs that are functional, meaningful, and solve the core problems of the project.


We design everything we make, and make everything we design. Blending design and making builds a leaner and more cohesive process.


Successful projects need continued consideration and care. We stay involved to make sure the project blossoms and stays healthy.

We are an interdisciplinary group of creative thinkers.

Make the world a slightly better place, through our work.

Work for clients, and work with people – who we truly believe in.

Make things that are built for a constantly changing, evolving world.

Be open to The New, but don't go hunting for it.

Draw from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to find new ways to approach problems.

Collaborate with clients to understand the core problems on each project.

We want to work with you.


p. 440-915-2393


204 Westminster Street, Floor 3

Providence, RI 02903


We've moved!

160 Narragansett Ave, Unit 2

Providence, RI 02907

Want to have coffee with us?

Maybe you want to talk about a new project, tell us about your dreams, or just shoot the proverbial breeze. We're always up for a good conversation.

Come join us at our office, in downtown Providence.

We keep a spot open every thursday morning, and schedule coffee at least two weeks in advance. If you can't make Thursday morning, but still want to join us, drop us a line.

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